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I’ve been forced to skip the CMStorm case. It was sold. So i’m going to use the lian-li case.


There are a few advantages to this case; It will hold two PSUs side-by-side (i need at least two); It has no paint, so no preparation is needed for powdercoating; and it is aluminium, so super light.

I’m going to have two PSUs(bottom rear), an ATX motherboard with every GPU i can find(top-rear, for folding and VMs), many hard drives(bottom-front), Two DVD drives (hidden, at the top-front), an ITX motherboard (server, in the spare DVD drive slots) and an extra ITX board or a mac mini (for testing on, i don’t know where i’ll put it.

For mods, paracord for the PSUs will be here this week, I’ll order acrylic when school is over (what type of acrylic depends on if i get money), everything will be powder-coated (in orange and violet) next week and i should have the mounting hardware made in the next two weeks.


For more updates: (ignore the poll)

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Sorry i had to re-post, the poll didn’t work then planet ubuntu didn’t work

Since my last post i’ve got a lot more done towards this project.  I’ve made a crowdfunding account so i can get sponsored. I’ve got a shortlist of cases, the poll is here. I also have a PSU and sleeving is on it’s way. If you have advice or want more frequent updates, either use the comments here, my email ( ) or

The Cases:

Case 1: CMStorm Enforcer

I had a previous build in this case, my main worry is it’s side panel won’t work with the ubuntu logo. The case is steel with a hard plastic front



Case 2: Lian-li case

I had attempted cleaning up this case already but had no reason to. As you can see i’ve partially pulled it apart. This case is fully alluminium



Case 3: Generic case with Handle

This case has a giant handle and no existing windows. It’s steel with top and front panels made from hard plastic.



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Since my current case mods are nearly finished (i still need a pump and the final photoshoot), i’m going to try and make a case mod based on Ubuntu. I have no money however, so i’ll either be re-using parts or needing sponsorship. I’ve sent out a few emails but i’ve not got any good responses. If anyone is willing to sponsor the build, let me know.

If i don’t get sponsorship; the case will be painted; have a side window like below (using either UV orange acrylic or mesh); the PCBs will be painted; and there will be lots of LEDs.

A demonstration of the side panel. This is Mac Pro case.

If someone does sponsor me, i’ll try and add; watercooling (with mayhems orange dye); a pedestal; Powdercoat instead of paint; a PSU cover; custom cable sleeveing; better hardware; and custom GPU backplates.

This rig will be used to test daily ISOs, play games and run Folding@Home. Anyone in the community can use the pictures, as can anyone who sponsors the build. Sponsors also get their name/logo on the case.

Thanks to layercakes for making the picture i used above.