The Ubuntu PC Case Mod

Since my current case mods are nearly finished (i still need a pump and the final photoshoot), i’m going to try and make a case mod based on Ubuntu. I have no money however, so i’ll either be re-using parts or needing sponsorship. I’ve sent out a few emails but i’ve not got any good responses. If anyone is willing to sponsor the build, let me know.

If i don’t get sponsorship; the case will be painted; have a side window like below (using either UV orange acrylic or mesh); the PCBs will be painted; and there will be lots of LEDs.

A demonstration of the side panel. This is Mac Pro case.

If someone does sponsor me, i’ll try and add; watercooling (with mayhems orange dye); a pedestal; Powdercoat instead of paint; a PSU cover; custom cable sleeveing; better hardware; and custom GPU backplates.

This rig will be used to test daily ISOs, play games and run Folding@Home. Anyone in the community can use the pictures, as can anyone who sponsors the build. Sponsors also get their name/logo on the case.

Thanks to layercakes for making the picture i used above.

  1. noskcaj said:

    Just to clarify, the picture above isn’t what i’m planning to do, i probably won’t use that case. It was a sketch-up design made by layercakes to demonstrate the sidepanel idea.

  2. I love the combination of orange and grey. Ubuntu should use that combination as a distinctive design in every thing that Ubuntu does. To begin with, the official wallpaper instead of that awful brownish purple and orange. Orange and grey is really elegant. In the Ubuntu store there is a rucksack in orange and grey: it looks really neat and cool.

  3. Don’t listen to all the critics on OMG! Ubuntu! Great design and great imagination. We need more people like you out there with more great ideas. Keep up the good work!

    • noskcaj said:

      thanks. I’ll have the next update in two weeks tme when i get the Cases

  4. Great concept. I can’t sponsor but I would throw $5 in a hat towards the goal.

    • noskcaj said:

      If the system76 thing falls through, i will.

  5. Harald í Kálvalíð said:

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know I really like your idea.
    In fact I like it so much I decided to start building something similar.
    It will be a ubuntu box for sure, But I’ll use this case in orange of course!

    Maybe spaypaint a ubuntu logo on the side? 😉
    Thanks for being a great inspiration, keep up the good work!

    • noskcaj said:

      Thanks. Your build sounds awesome. Make sure you make a build log somewhere

      • Harald í Kálvalíð said:

        Will do. I’m currently making a shopping list as we speak.
        I’ll send you a link when it’s done 🙂

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