The Ubuntu PC Case Mod Pt. 2 Pick a Case

Sorry i had to re-post, the poll didn’t work then planet ubuntu didn’t work

Since my last post i’ve got a lot more done towards this project.  I’ve made a crowdfunding account so i can get sponsored. I’ve got a shortlist of cases, the poll is here. I also have a PSU and sleeving is on it’s way. If you have advice or want more frequent updates, either use the comments here, my email ( ) or

The Cases:

Case 1: CMStorm Enforcer

I had a previous build in this case, my main worry is it’s side panel won’t work with the ubuntu logo. The case is steel with a hard plastic front



Case 2: Lian-li case

I had attempted cleaning up this case already but had no reason to. As you can see i’ve partially pulled it apart. This case is fully alluminium



Case 3: Generic case with Handle

This case has a giant handle and no existing windows. It’s steel with top and front panels made from hard plastic.



Want to donate? use

If you reblog this, do not dissable comments. i would rather take the hate and get some actual help rather than nothing.


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