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This has been a good week for the build. I’ve got the DVD drives wrapped, more paracord has arrived (enough to do the top), the side windows are ready to cut and I finally got sponsored, thanks to .

I’ve also got around to planning the mount and door for the ITX board and Mac Mini. They will be mounted sideways, possibly with a mount in the middle, possibly with just zip ties. This will be connected to the bottom 4 5.25″ drive mounts and a front USB panel. I’ll try to add a door too, but i might not be able to.

I apologise for the pics this week, it’s raining so i cannot get proper lighting.

The Stencil for the windows. The inside cutout will be used with purple mirror acrylic on one side, The whole size of the paper will be the UV orange window on the other side.


The paracord. It’s more violet and orange in real life.

P1010494 P1010496

The DVD drives, with lots of Carbon Fibre wrap

P1010497 P1010499

And now, some pics of the UV/Purple LEDs off Since mine haven’t arrived yet, as you can see, UV reactive things really glow.

2352801_orig 7656988_orig

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Since the last update my 550 paracord (both orange and purple) and vinyl wrap has been put to use, mostly on the mac mini, i still have plenty of both left though. Unfortunately, i broke my psu after i got the +4 pin done so sleeving will have to wait until i’m less poor. As a result, i made some other stuff with the paracord.

The mac mini is being a pain though. When i went to test the latest PPC netboot image (and test the mac worked) it made the chime noise and the cd spun up, but nothing appeared on my screen. As a result, the cd is now trapped. I’m assuming the issue is that the monitor is 1080p and was connected by  DVI-D (digital)

I’m also looking into putting a tablet in the top, possibly mounted with paracord, rather than a second window. Then i will truly fit balloons’s series of “testing all the things”. The other window will be cut as soon as my dad get’s time to print an A3 sized stencil of the ubuntu logo. Now sit back and enjoy the pics.

The mac mini cover, separated…


… and joined


The underside


As you can see, the vinyl wrap isn’t easy to use. But that will be covered by the ITX board. (The holes are for mounting the board)


The internals of the mac mini



The DVD drives are stealthy again.


The rest will be wrapped soon


The belt i made. It works really well.




Questions for the comments section:
1. Should it be a Tablet or a window on the top?
2. Should i make a “door” for the mac mini and itx board. (They will be mounted in the 5.25″ bays vertically)
3. Should the motherboard be painted orange or purple (what seems to be the “new” ubuntu colour)
4. (If i get a tablet) How should the tablet bee mounted?
5. What other suggestions do you have?

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Hey guys. I’m back with a very picture heavy update.

Since my last update i’ve got the whole case powdercoated in “ripple X15 orange”. I’ve also got a heap of stickers from jared.

A close up of the paint, to show the colour and the ripple effect.


The back of the case, note the removable motherboard tray and the slight dent on the right-hand side.


What would normally be a single PSU holder now holds 2 due to the previous owner keeping some parts of the case.


The stealthed drives are now a bit easier to see, the carbon fibre wrap should fix that.


The front and side of the case.



The side, back and top.


The watercooling ports (far right), the fan hole and what was once a button (far left). A window (or maybe an LCD) and something for the button slot will be added eventually.


The side is off.


The few things that aren’t orange



The bigger hard drive tray, missing a few rubber mounts.


All the hard drive mounts. note that one screw that i forgot to paint.


So many stickers..


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A Quick update before the case get’s painted. I’ve Stealthed the DVD drives so they can’t be recognised on the front-plate

Before (with the front removed):




In the case (It’s the second from the left):


I’ve worked out how the mac mini and itx board will be mounted, back to back then put in the 5.25″ drive slots. The two pictures should demonstrate what i’m trying to do.

P1010387 P1010382

Since i will be in brisbane tomorrow, i need to pick a colour for the case to be powdercoted.

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