The Ubuntu PC Case Mod Pt.5 Powdercoating

Hey guys. I’m back with a very picture heavy update.

Since my last update i’ve got the whole case powdercoated in “ripple X15 orange”. I’ve also got a heap of stickers from jared.

A close up of the paint, to show the colour and the ripple effect.


The back of the case, note the removable motherboard tray and the slight dent on the right-hand side.


What would normally be a single PSU holder now holds 2 due to the previous owner keeping some parts of the case.


The stealthed drives are now a bit easier to see, the carbon fibre wrap should fix that.


The front and side of the case.



The side, back and top.


The watercooling ports (far right), the fan hole and what was once a button (far left). A window (or maybe an LCD) and something for the button slot will be added eventually.


The side is off.


The few things that aren’t orange



The bigger hard drive tray, missing a few rubber mounts.


All the hard drive mounts. note that one screw that i forgot to paint.


So many stickers..


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  1. The case looks very orange. How will the stickers work on an orange case? Some of the (the orange circle, white circle of friends) would work – but wouldn’t you lose the definition betwixt sticker and case?

  2. I just read through my comment… the part that says “Very orange” may seem disparaging. It’s not meant to be – I think that the colour is fantastic – my concern was that the sticker may not show up very well.

    For those of us with old PC’s, what would we need to do to prepare them for powder coating? Typically aren’t PC’s typically powder coated ? Is there an easy way to remove powder coating, or is it all sandpaper and elbow grease?

  3. noskcaj said:

    Stickers: I will only put the stickers on areas that they contrast, like the windows. I will also have a “Powered by” sticker for each flavour and stickers from any sponsors.

    Powdercoating: I’m not sure how to remove powder coating, i’m assuming either sandpaper or an acid bath. Some cases are powder coated, some are painted, some (like mine) had no paint. If you want to get your case powder coated, the best method is to remove all the plastic/rubber parts and clean it well, then dismantle it as much as possible. This makes the job cheaper (no acid bath cost) and better looking (no parts that didn’t get coated). It doesn’t matter if the case is old or new, sometime old unpainted cases are easier to work with.

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  6. rhys said:

    You really know your stuff… Keep up the good work!

  7. Sara said:

    That’s a very nice shade of orange! I absolutely LOVE it! What brand did you use?

      • Sara said:

        Thanks! I’m looking forward to using it for my next project.

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