The Ubuntu PC Case Mod Pt.6 The mac mini

Since the last update my 550 paracord (both orange and purple) and vinyl wrap has been put to use, mostly on the mac mini, i still have plenty of both left though. Unfortunately, i broke my psu after i got the +4 pin done so sleeving will have to wait until i’m less poor. As a result, i made some other stuff with the paracord.

The mac mini is being a pain though. When i went to test the latest PPC netboot image (and test the mac worked) it made the chime noise and the cd spun up, but nothing appeared on my screen. As a result, the cd is now trapped. I’m assuming the issue is that the monitor is 1080p and was connected by  DVI-D (digital)

I’m also looking into putting a tablet in the top, possibly mounted with paracord, rather than a second window. Then i will truly fit balloons’s series of “testing all the things”. The other window will be cut as soon as my dad get’s time to print an A3 sized stencil of the ubuntu logo. Now sit back and enjoy the pics.

The mac mini cover, separated…


… and joined


The underside


As you can see, the vinyl wrap isn’t easy to use. But that will be covered by the ITX board. (The holes are for mounting the board)


The internals of the mac mini



The DVD drives are stealthy again.


The rest will be wrapped soon


The belt i made. It works really well.




Questions for the comments section:
1. Should it be a Tablet or a window on the top?
2. Should i make a “door” for the mac mini and itx board. (They will be mounted in the 5.25″ bays vertically)
3. Should the motherboard be painted orange or purple (what seems to be the “new” ubuntu colour)
4. (If i get a tablet) How should the tablet bee mounted?
5. What other suggestions do you have?

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      • all….what is that things !!

      • noskcaj said:

        Do you mean the paracord? the carbon firbe wrap? I’ll delete these 4 comments if they don’t become meaningful

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