The Ubuntu PC Case Mod Pt.7 SPONSORSHIP!

This has been a good week for the build. I’ve got the DVD drives wrapped, more paracord has arrived (enough to do the top), the side windows are ready to cut and I finally got sponsored, thanks to .

I’ve also got around to planning the mount and door for the ITX board and Mac Mini. They will be mounted sideways, possibly with a mount in the middle, possibly with just zip ties. This will be connected to the bottom 4 5.25″ drive mounts and a front USB panel. I’ll try to add a door too, but i might not be able to.

I apologise for the pics this week, it’s raining so i cannot get proper lighting.

The Stencil for the windows. The inside cutout will be used with purple mirror acrylic on one side, The whole size of the paper will be the UV orange window on the other side.


The paracord. It’s more violet and orange in real life.

P1010494 P1010496

The DVD drives, with lots of Carbon Fibre wrap

P1010497 P1010499

And now, some pics of the UV/Purple LEDs off Since mine haven’t arrived yet, as you can see, UV reactive things really glow.

2352801_orig 7656988_orig

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