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Hello everyone. I missed last weeks update due to spilling 20L of water from my of PC on my bedroom floor. That’s now fixed, so i can play games again.


I apologise for taking that photo with a potato.

I now have the first window added to the case. It’s made of purple mirror acrylic, and is in the shape of the ubuntu logo. This took about 4 hours to cut. Then it was just a case of cut the acrylic to size and superglue it on.




I also have my first GPU for the build. An old nVidia 250 gt that i sparkle painted.


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Hello everyone,

This week the project has progress quite a lot. To start with, I’ve finally made the case handle. This was done using a “Cobra weave” and used roughly 3 meters of purple paracord.





I’ve also soldered and sleeved the fan controller from the case. The molex power pins now just have to be glued into a plug, since i broke the clips that normally would hold them in. This will be used to control the brightness of the LEDs.


And now the big news. The UV LED strips from IceModz are now here. They appear to be a violet colour, but they also make fluorescent things glow. My strips are 45cm long, but you can buy them in Red, Blue, white, green, yellow/orange, UV or RGB, anywhere between 3cm and 500cm long and with 30 or 60 5050 spec LEDs per 100cm. They are insanely bright too.

They are adhesive backed and will come either with a 3 pin fan connector (what i got), 4 pin fan connector, or a 4 pin molex plug. The wires come pre-sleeved (in glossy black shakmods sleeve), but i will probably sleeve the wires myself so it matches the colour scheme better.

P1010527 P1010531 P1010535 P1010536

Next week i should have some off the windows and cut-outs made, stay tuned for more.

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Testdrive is a tool for managing the testing of ISO files, by default, the ones for ubuntu. It acts as a hub for downloading/syncing, creating VMs, and creating live USBs.

It has not had a particularly active development, and is missing a few features that would be really useful. Therefore, with the help of Howard Chan, i will be running a hackfest on the program on August 10th. The wiki page for the hackfest is at . Below are the details.

10:00–16:00 UTC, Saturday, 10th August, 2013 with G+ hangouts run from 10:00–11:00 UTC and 14:00–15:00 UTC.

#ubuntu-quality on freenode and a G+ hangout.

How can I participate?
Show up on IRC and/or G+ during the scheduled time
Put your name on the list of things that need doing

Who to contact:
1000-1200UTC: Noskcaj, 1200-1600UTC: smartboyhw

Where do i get testdrive?
If you want to translate, use the launchpad page. The best way to get the code is the bazaar branch at lp:testdrive, so run bzr branch lp:testdrive to get it. The PyPI repository is at is you need a different way to get the source.

To Do List: (To add yourself or see a newer version, go to )
Improve Documentation on
Write manpage for testdrive-gtk
Translate (Some languages are completed) (If you need a translation file to be made, contact Noskcaj)
Get UbuntuGNOME into testdrive (lp#1170618)
Remove or fix Parallels (lp#1171045)
Change the time testdrive resets to (lp#1171054)
Add netboot to testdrive (difficult) (lp#1077158)
Add VMWare support (lp#527161)
Allow download speeds to be limited (lp#703349)
Increase available Storage space (lp#1183153)
Increase available RAM (lp#1183153)
Make Testdrive able to boot PAE ISOs using Virtualbox (lp#940755)
Fix the gui options for setting RAM to “Other”
Fix the gui options for setting Storage to “Other”
Make testdrive able to launch an CD/DVD Burner
Package testdrive for debian. debian bug #718365
Package testdrive for other distros

What can I expect as part of the hackfest?
A opportunity to learn and get help with python, PyPi, gtk, bzr and general testing stuff.
Noskcaj complaining about timezones
Bad sound quality
Seriously, a good time!