Announcing the Testdrive Hackfest

Testdrive is a tool for managing the testing of ISO files, by default, the ones for ubuntu. It acts as a hub for downloading/syncing, creating VMs, and creating live USBs.

It has not had a particularly active development, and is missing a few features that would be really useful. Therefore, with the help of Howard Chan, i will be running a hackfest on the program on August 10th. The wiki page for the hackfest is at . Below are the details.

10:00–16:00 UTC, Saturday, 10th August, 2013 with G+ hangouts run from 10:00–11:00 UTC and 14:00–15:00 UTC.

#ubuntu-quality on freenode and a G+ hangout.

How can I participate?
Show up on IRC and/or G+ during the scheduled time
Put your name on the list of things that need doing

Who to contact:
1000-1200UTC: Noskcaj, 1200-1600UTC: smartboyhw

Where do i get testdrive?
If you want to translate, use the launchpad page. The best way to get the code is the bazaar branch at lp:testdrive, so run bzr branch lp:testdrive to get it. The PyPI repository is at is you need a different way to get the source.

To Do List: (To add yourself or see a newer version, go to )
Improve Documentation on
Write manpage for testdrive-gtk
Translate (Some languages are completed) (If you need a translation file to be made, contact Noskcaj)
Get UbuntuGNOME into testdrive (lp#1170618)
Remove or fix Parallels (lp#1171045)
Change the time testdrive resets to (lp#1171054)
Add netboot to testdrive (difficult) (lp#1077158)
Add VMWare support (lp#527161)
Allow download speeds to be limited (lp#703349)
Increase available Storage space (lp#1183153)
Increase available RAM (lp#1183153)
Make Testdrive able to boot PAE ISOs using Virtualbox (lp#940755)
Fix the gui options for setting RAM to “Other”
Fix the gui options for setting Storage to “Other”
Make testdrive able to launch an CD/DVD Burner
Package testdrive for debian. debian bug #718365
Package testdrive for other distros

What can I expect as part of the hackfest?
A opportunity to learn and get help with python, PyPi, gtk, bzr and general testing stuff.
Noskcaj complaining about timezones
Bad sound quality
Seriously, a good time!

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