The Ubuntu PC Case Mod Pt.10 The CPU + Kubuntu stickers

Hello everyone,

The CPU (an AMD FX-8320) finally arrived this week, and i’ve put the LEDs on since i shouldn’t be doing any more cutting any time soon. On top of this, I received a sponsorship from linux australia recently, which is paying for the main motherboard and PSU. I also have a few other parts that count as christmas gifts which i think i’m getting, plus a $10 donation to the gofundme project, which is being used for the power LEDs and a small soldering iron.

Adding the LEDs was rather easy, since they have a super strong glue strip on the underside, and it plugs straight on to the fan controller.



The dvd drives are now in place, they’ve turned out rather well for a first attempt at stealthing


The CPU came in a rather large, aluminium tin.


My favourite part of this is the lid opens up into two separate pieces


One of which is a rather strange, but cute, print.


The underside of the cpu. If a computer part could be un-photogenic, this is it.


The cooler still needs a clean, but i’ll save that for when it is being painted


The other new this week, is i’ve received 200 Kubuntu stickers. I will send these free to anyone in Australia who is willing to pay postage. Email me for my address if you would like some.


I still need someone who cn make me the itx mount, but i’m starting to give up on that.

To sponsor me, email me at
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Thank you


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